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It was while watching the movie Rocky in the early 80's that Alain Boismenu felt attracted to the world of boxing. Admiring the courage, the determination and the training methods of the main character, Alain felt challenged by this sport. Inspired by Rocky, Alain starts an "improvised" training in the family basement with some friends. But he knows that this is not enough and quickly feels the need to get serious and follow a real boxing training in a boxing gym.

At the time when Alain started in Olympic boxing, boxing clubs had something intimidating and a "tough" side that repelled many. It is thus a young man of 15 years old rather intimidated who presents himself at the boxing club of Saint Hubert on January 7, 1983. Welcomed by Mr. Léo Blain, who would become his trainer for several years, Alain immediately felt at ease and threw himself into boxing training. It is the beginning of a beautiful adventure.

After three months of training, Alain participated in his first boxing matches. And what a dazzling start: 6 victories in as many fights, including 5 by Knock Out. Alain is on a cloud, he is successful, he feels invincible, he thinks he is already world champion! Reality will soon catch up with him.

The next fights do not go well. Too sure of himself and underestimating his opponents, Alain suffers 3 consecutive defeats. It was a rude awakening for the man who thought he was the world champion. Alain will never forget these three defeats. And he will make a lesson of life that he still applies today: it is necessary to remain humble in front of the success and it is never necessary to underestimate his adversary, whoever it is.

With what he learned in his last fights, Alain participated in his first golden gloves championships in the spring of 1984. Efficient and in control, Alain impresses by winning all 3 bouts of the elimination round by first round KO. Alain thus becomes Golden Gloves Champion and Quebec Champion in his first participation. Quite a feat.

In 1989, Alain participated in the Canadian Championships. In his third fight of the tournament, he lost by decision in a close fight. Proud of his silver medal, Alain was still very bitter and decided to quit boxing for good. His amateur career record is 40 wins and only 9 losses in 49 fights. An enviable record.

Alain turned professional in 1990. He trained under the guidance of Mr. Georges Drouin (the pope of boxing), one of the greatest coaches in the history of boxing in Quebec. Alain had an admirable career with a professional record of 16 wins, 1 draw and only 3 losses.

Just as he had done in the amateurs, Alain accumulated victory after victory in his first fights. And on December 9, 1993, in his 13th fight as a pro, Alain realized a dream by fighting for the coveted title of Canadian Welterweight Champion.

Alain became Canadian champion on December 9, 1993 in a tough fight against Errol Brown in Toronto. Following this victory, Alain will give up his job to concentrate exclusively on boxing and will remain undefeated for two and a half years. Then, due to a lack of opponents, Alain will be stripped of his title by the Canadian Boxing Council in September 1995. He will have been Canadian champion for 2 years and a half and will have been ranked 10th and 12th in the world by the world boxing associations.

To stay on top, Alain has had to make many sacrifices. He trains every day, but because the fights that pay off are so far apart, Alain has very little money to live on. He plays cards on occasion to earn a little money to make ends meet. His priority was training, which took up several hours a day. Alain lived in great poverty during his years as Canadian champion. But this poverty will make him stronger.

During all the years he trained in boxing gyms, Alain observed that only the students who wanted to box were followed by the trainers. All the others are, in general, left to their own devices without any real supervision. That's when Alain developed a training program designed specifically for those who don't want to fight, but who still want to practice this wonderful sport.

He develops a structured training program that includes all the boxer's exercises: the dance rope, the sandbag, the speed ball, the push-ups, the sit-ups, and all the rest. And to add to the innovation, Alain will use techno music which, by its speed and rhythm, will determine the intensity of the workouts. The success was instantaneous. 10 years later, the Techno Boxe center has become the most important boxing gym in Canada.


The concept

Our training technique uses the benefits of music and light on the brain. Music and colors are two factors that can influence the perception of effort and make us forget about our state of fatigue. When music and color are associated with the practice of a sport, our brain releases endogenous hormones, bringing a sense of well-being to the body and positive emotions to the mind.

Techno-Boxe is a unique concept that takes you to a higher level. Let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere, the music and its rhythmic variations. Techno-Boxe is suitable for the whole family; men, women and children. Our qualified sports trainers will guide you through the various types of training, whether it be individual, group, indoor or home, and in our specialized programs.

We also offer EMS, Electro Muscle Stimulation, training in our gym. This is a state of the art technology for optimal results that is used by top athletes and approved by Health Canada. EMS allows you to go beyond plateaus, boost strength, decrease fat and increase muscle mass. You will be able to experience this training either during a group or individual class (by reservation).

Techno-Boxe innovates and enters directly in your living room thanks to the ZOOM platform. We welcome you in our private virtual training room. We offer you the same concept as in our regular indoor classes. You will participate in a complete training in the comfort of your home.

Effect of light on our brain

The lights

Biological reaction to light is nothing new, there are many examples of light-induced photochemical reactions in biological systems. According to the principle of chromotherapy, which maintains that the modification of certain moods affects the overall balance of the mind.

The colors would have the effect of stimulating the cells to generate more energy and to promote optimal functioning of the person.

Chromatherapy uses eight colors, from the three primary colors and their different combinations. Each color has its own meaning, based on natural and sensory experience:

It calms and strengthens the nervous system, increasing the output of the mental activity. It is advised for certain psychic disorders, anxieties and fears in general and the loss of memory. It helps in the detoxification of the blood and in the problems of rheumatisms bound to the humidity.

Clarity and joy, revitalizing and stimulating the brain and enthusiasm. Yellow is assimilated to sunlight. It is an effective antidepressant.

A mixture of red and yellow, it brings the benefits of these two colors into play, namely the physical activity provoked by the former and the lucidity of the latter. Orange offers emotional health, communication and creativity, it is encouraging and fights inhibitions.

Refreshing, relaxing, it is indicated for mental fatigue and stress, palpitations, hypertension, acute pain. Blue awakens intuition and talent.

A clever blend of lucid yellow and soothing blue, green brings a calm atmosphere, it is restorative, soft and fresh, ideal for recovering from physical or mental fatigue. It stimulates the growth and regeneration of cells. Green is tonic and rebalances the nervous and circulatory systems.

It calms and reduces inflammations and infections, helping the immune system. Composed of yellow, it also stimulates discernment and the desire to share it with others, and finally, it facilitates concentration.

It calms and strengthens the nervous system, increasing the output of the mental activity. It is advised for certain psychic disorders, anxieties and fears in general and the loss of memory. It helps in the detoxification of the blood and in the problems of rheumatisms bound to the humidity.

How these endogenous hormones work

The hormones

Our team

Alain Boismenu

Designer, creator and visionary
Head Coach
Certified EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

"You saw your worst enemy in the mirror this morning when you brushed your teeth!"

Andrea Marin

Communications/Human Resources
Certified EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

"Pushing our own limits...that's part of personal success. "

Nathalie Desgagné

Marketing / Business Development
Certified EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

"Anything is possible if you believe in it, focus on the goal, eliminate distractions and put in the effort!"

Brian Varao

Assistant coach
"You saw your worst enemy in the mirror this morning when you brushed your teeth!"

Jennifer Boudreau

"A smile is paramount to a listening welcome!"

Sarah Vallières Marin

Assistant Coach
"Don't worry about failure, worry about what you're missing if you don't even try!"

Our Satisfied Customers!

"Techno-Boxe has been part of my life for 16 years now. I've been going 3 times a week and it's always a renewed pleasure. The training sessions are varied, the atmosphere is friendly, you meet people of all ages and all backgrounds. You are never too old. At 58, I have never been in better shape. I recommend this training without hesitation, regardless of your current physical condition."
Sandra L
Member since 2005
"Alain Boismenu and the Techno-Boxe team are passionate, motivated and motivating people. The training sessions are always different, the challenges are stimulating. What I lost in weight, I gained in confidence and determination! Thank you Techno-Boxe!"
Brigitte B
Member since 2019
"At the beginning of my retirement, I signed up at Techno-Boxe to get in shape and move. 4 months later, I was already feeling great. I lost weight, my bad cholesterol went down and the good one went up. Every workout is a challenge against myself. 1 hour of focus, overcoming and personal pride!"
Pierre P
Member since 2019
"In February 2002, I joined Techno-Boxe for the first time. Today, almost 20 years later, I am still passionate about the classes, the atmosphere, and the great training. I have made friends, I have sweated sorrows, I have been pregnant up to my ears, I have often laughed a lot, rain or shine. I sometimes stopped for different reasons, but I always came back. Thank you Alain, you really make this fantastic difference!"
Johanne L
Member since 2002
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